New Video: Slaughterhouse – “Welcome To: Our House Part 6”

Slaughterhouse sits down and discusses some of the highlights of the end of the United States leg of the Welcome to : Our House Tour, and is already performing overseas for the European portion of the tour! These vlogs have been hiliarious, as well as pretty humbling. In this episode you can watch Joe come late to an instore due to his ESPN appearence, and it’s actually quite funny. You can also see a crying fan get pulled from the crowd to meet Slaughterhouse because she was so touched. It’s a great video, so make sure you check it out!
Below are the dates for the European Slaughterhouse tour:

Click above to check out the music video for their single “Hammer Dance,” off of their upcoming album “Welcome To: Our House!” Coming July 12, 2012. Visit Slaughterhouse’s official website for more information.
You can also follow The House on Twitter:


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