New Album: DJ Bobby B – “The Shakedown”

Suburban Noize Records artist DJ Bobby B (also of the KottonMouth Kings) will be dropping his digital EP titled “The Shakedown” on June 19th 2012! This EP will feature: Planet Asia, Phil The Agony (of Strong Arm Steady,) Minus One, Tristate (of Gold Chain Military) & Suburban Noize’s own Dogboy!

1. Ya Lie Alot
(feat. Oliviah)
2. Trees Like These
(feat. Minus One & Oliviah)
 3. Shakedown
(feat. Planet Asia, Tristate & Washeyi Choir)
 4. Dub Pound
(feat. Oliviah)
5. Don't Tell
(feat. Oliviah)
6. All Day Long
(feat. Phil The Agony, Rogue Venom & Washeyi Choir)
 7. 6 AM Dub Sessions
(feat. Dogboy & Tony Cook Up)

You can purchase the album on iTunes or!
Also on August 14th 2012, the KottonMouth Kings will be releasing “Mile High,” their 13th studio album to date! You can check out the single “Hold It In” which will be on “Mile High” by watching below!


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