New Video: Yelawolf – “Slumerican Tour Vlog” (Part 5 & 6)

Check out the latest from the Slumerican Tour via vlog 5 & 6. In part five we get to see Yelawolf get a positive reaction from the audience in Albuquerque, NM. Yelawolf notes that last time he was in the area he was an opener for Wiz Khalifa, and didn’t receive nearly the same vibe.
Then in part 6, you get to see Yelawolf get a couple of new tattoos, as well as catch up with Rittz and his Instagram haters. At the end you can also catch Yelawolf clock a ‘Chicago’ kid talking shit to him. Very unexpected to say the least!
Also, don’t miss Rolling Stone’s premier of “Push ‘Em” featuring Skinhead Rob, Travis Barker & Pall Wall! It’s very quick paced, dope video!

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Catch Rittz with YelawolfTrouble Andrew & DJ Vajra on the Slumerican Tour! Click the image below for dates!

On July 6th, 2012, we met up with Rittz & DJ Burn One during “The Revival” tour in Chicago. In the interview, Rittz talks about his process for creating a song, what influenced him to pursue a career in hip-hop, his current musical influences, his favorite part of touring & much more!

Shot by Josh Ulrich & Cameron Price
Edited by Josh Ulrich
for http://www.YadaMedia.Net
Contact: Josh@YadaMedia.Net



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