For all booking, inquiries or press please contact:
Josh Ulrich
Currently available for touring, live photography, music videos, photo shoots, and much more.

Josh Ulrich began shooting photography with disposal cameras as a child, thinking nothing more of it other than a fun way to capture moments. In August 2003, Ulrich took his first photography class his Freshman year of high school. In 2008 he enrolled in Columbia College Chicago to immerse himself into the visual arts.
Ulrich studied Film/Video & Photography while taking classes in Journalism and Public Relations to educate himself on all aspects of creating a career out of his hobby.

In May 2010 Josh Ulrich created YadaMedia (http://www.YadaMedia.Net/) as a way to capture visuals for the entertainment industry. YadaMedia is maintained entirely by Ulrich with additional visual provided by CJ Harford, Ulrich’s longtime friend.

In 2014 Ulrich & CJ Harford shot a music video for Suburban Noize Records’ recording artist Johnny Richter (formerly of the KottonMouth Kings) titled “FreeKING Out.”

In June of 2014 Ulrich joined the Axe Murder Boyz (Psychopathic Records) for two weeks on a tour of the east coast of the United States as their videographer. During the tour he shot and edited their music video “I Keeps It Movin” along with shooting footage for their documentary. Ulrich began working with Young Wicked of A.M.B. as well as Anybody Killa following the tour on solo projects.

During mid September Ulrich was asked to join the Insane Clown Posse for their “Shockfest Tour” featuring Mushroomhead, Da Mafia 6ix (Three 6 Mafia,) Madchild & Jellyroll. Ulrich joined the tour for two dates and performed as a clown for I.C.P., as well as a stagehand/runner and videographer.

To hire Josh Ulrich, please contact Josh@YadaMedia.Net.

Available for touring, music videos, photo shoots, and much more.

Contact: Josh@YadaMedia.Net or Booking@YadaMedia.Net.

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